IPA Fellows

Fellows of the Illinois Psychological Association

Keith Baird, PhD

Erwin Baukus, PhD

Bruce Bennett, PhD

John Blattner, PhD

Bruce Bonecutter, PhD

Sandra Burkhardt, PhD

Armand Cerbone, PhD, ABPP

John Day, PhD

Randy Georgemiller, PhD

Allan Graham, PhD

Lisa Grossman, JD, PhD, ABPP

Daniel Hynan, PhD

Terrence Koller, PhD, ABPP

Blaine Lesnik, PsyD

Joseph Maciejko, PhD

Gerald Mozdzierz, PhD

Don Paull, JD, PhD

Derek Phillips, PsyD, MSCP, ABMP

Patricia Pimental, PsyD, ABN

Beth Rom-Rymer, PhD

Jean Rossi, PhD

Steven Rothke, PhD, ABPP

Nancy Slagg, PhD

Gregory Sarlo, PsyD

Susan Zoline, PhD

IPA fellows:

1) have been a full member (non-licensed or licensed) of IPA for at least seven years,

2) have made outstanding contributions to the profession of psychology through public service, service to the profession, and/or scholarly contributions to the profession,

3) have been nominated for fellow status by two IPA members who have submitted written endorsements, and

4) have been elected to fellow status by a majority vote of the IPA Council of Representatives.

**Only approximately 2% of IPA members have obtained fellow status.**